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Risk Insights by Underwriting AI

You make the best underwriting decisions for your appetite. Leave the chore of information collection to us. Our solutions require as little as one field of data to return insights that previously went unseen.
Traditional Underwriting takes time. Too much time.

We provide ease of use and alignment with the digital world by providing an extremely simple interface. We simplify and enrich the world of underwriters by gathering and aggregating information through traditional and non-traditional sources and building insights.

We let you focus on the core: Underwriting,  we do the chore for you: data and information gathering for risk evaluation.

Underwriting AI enables Quick, Smart Decisions.
Cut your risk assesments time by 99.99%
Traditional Risk Assessment
Risk Insights
Instant Risk Assessment

Verify and understand each risk with only four fields of information. Skip the arduous questionnaires and treat your agents and customers to an efficient experience.

  • Simple customer interface
  • Comprehensive insights
  • Simple selection
Complete Insights

Understand every risk with aggregated, blended and verified data. Complete the picture before you consider the risk.

  • Better insights
  • Better selection
  • Better pricing
Risk Insights
Real-time Attribute Identification

Get insight into evolving considerations with layered data. Uncover information that was previously inaccessible.

  • More insights
  • More accuracy
  • More profitable business


Data Harvesting

Data is gathered from limitless sources, expertly blending and extracting crucial factors into actionable insights.

Dynamic Determinations

Going beyond data aggregation, key information is derived from structured and unstructured content to enable better and enriched decision making for evolving risks.

Image Analytics

Data is mined to produce actionable, accurate context that previously went unnoticed.

Natural Language Processing

Unstructured text found on the web and social media is analyzed, alerting you to conditions that could affect your decisions.

Machine Learning

Risk classifications are inferred with speed and accuracy by our proprietary risk engine by leveraging multiple, continually trained models.

Frictionless Experience

Dynamic risk insights are delivered in real time, providing a joyful experience for your customers, agents, brokers, and underwriters.

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