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Book Snapshot by Underwriting AI

Risks are dynamic, and you’d be surprised at what you might find lurking where you haven’t been looking.
Account UW misses the overall picture. Portfolio view provides directional insight.

We provide a portfolio view of the book in a dynamic and interactive manner allowing the carriers to better manage their book at a portfolio level.  We identify the aggregation of the risks and outliers in a portfolio view as they can be missed when doing account level underwriting. 

We let you focus on the core, account underwriting, and we take care of the chore by providing a book snapshot view of your portfolio, providing insights and directional trends from Underwriting AI sourced data, policy data as well as claims data.

Underwriting AI enables insurers to have insights from their portfolio.
A typical book audit/review provides about 20 data points for review with the loss runs. Underwriting AI can provide up to 1,000 data points on each risk so you can “Know your risk” and have a portfolio view.


on each risk so you can “Know your risk”

The current business environment has clearly demonstrated how dynamic the risk environment can be. Your book is likely not what it was when you wrote the risks or how it has been presented to you. When was the last time you took a good look at your book? Would you like insights for a book rollover or M&A situation? Is it what you think it is?

See your book like you’ve never seen it before.
Audit/Review of Programs/MGAs/Book Rolls/M&A’s

Modern data insights link to each risk to show a concise, current and correct look at the risks on the book. Risks can be flagged for review as well as directionality of the book can be brought under the spotlight.

  • Directional movement of risk factors
  • Insights into Policy data matched to Risk Insights
  • Testing of hypothesis on complex UW criteria
Reinsure with Confidence

Reinsurers deserve to know what’s in their portfolio. Understand today’s risk for what it really is.

  • More visibility
  • More insights
  • Match risks to treaties

Your book is constantly evolving. Understand it cover to cover with confidence.

Policy and Claims Data Insight

Policy data collection is typically low on veracity and completeness. Understand the policy level insights between Underwriting AI data and Policy data in a comparative and complementary manner.

  • Trust but verify
  • Answers to complex UW questions
  • Complement


Data Harvesting

Data is gathered from limitless sources, expertly blending and extracting crucial factors into actionable insights.

Dynamic Determinations

Going beyond data aggregation, key information is derived from structured and unstructured content to enable better and enriched decision making for evolving risks.

Image Analytics

Data is mined to produce actionable, accurate context that previously went unnoticed.

Natural Language Processing

Unstructured text found on the web and social media is analyzed, alerting you to conditions that could affect your decisions.

Machine Learning

Risk classifications are inferred with speed and accuracy by our proprietary risk engine by leveraging multiple, continually trained models.

Frictionless Experience

Dynamic risk insights are delivered in real time, providing a joyful experience for your customers, agents, brokers, and underwriters.

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