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National Carrier

Most carriers know that better utilizing the firehose of data available about risks today is key to making progress on all of those goals, but they aren’t sure how to start. The Underwriting AI engine includes data from thousands of third party sources.  We make that data more manageable by retrieving, reviewing, and presenting it in a way that is most useful to underwriters. The format is customizable for each client. We believe underwriters who spend less time hunting down data and trying to manually separate the signal from the noise can spend more time making good underwriting decisions that are more consistent with strategy.

Program Carrier

You can have as much real-time insight into your book as a direct-writer. Start by empowering your program manager with Underwriting AI’s individual risk insights for better underwriting decisions and faster turnaround. After each bordereau is run, you can review your dashboard of book-level insights that combines your policy data with Terrene engine data. Investigate positive or negative trends with a few clicks, zooming down to individual risk level data as needed. Visualize how your book is trending more easily and more comprehensively than ever before – all customized to your unique underwriting philosophy.

Program Manager/MGA

Speed up and strengthen your existing underwriting processes to spend more time making good underwriting judgments. Combining risk-level data with policy information gives you unprecedented book-level insight. Know how your book is trending on individual risk factors or complex combinations of risk factors with a dashboard customized to your underwriting philosophy. Be better armed to have strategy and appetite discussions with your existing or new carriers.


Use Underwriting AI’s rich risk-level data to develop a more comprehensive view of your portfolios and the portfolios of potential cedents. View trends in books over time for any specific risk factor – or for any combination of risk factors. Combine this data with underwriting data (limits, coverages, etc.) to quickly screen for combinations that warrant further review.


The Underwriting AI engine includes data from thousands of third party sources. You can customize and format the data the engine returns to integrate with an automated underwriting workflow. Use any combination of the engine’s risk parameters to define conditions for routing submissions to appropriate underwriting companies or for manual review.


The Underwriting AI engine enables you to be a trusted adviser who knows your customers’ businesses thoroughly – and with much less work than ever before. Use the engine to supplement submission information from the client to speed the underwriting process and reduce your turnaround times. Elevate your bind ratio and retention. 


Data Harvesting

Data is gathered from limitless sources, expertly blending and extracting crucial factors into actionable insights.

Dynamic Determinations

Going beyond data aggregation, key information is derived from structured and unstructured content to enable better and enriched decision making for evolving risks.

Image Analytics

Data is mined to produce actionable, accurate context that previously went unnoticed.

Natural Language Processing

Unstructured text found on the web and social media is analyzed, alerting you to conditions that could affect your decisions.

Machine Learning

Risk classifications are inferred with speed and accuracy by our proprietary risk engine by leveraging multiple, continually trained models.

Frictionless Experience

Dynamic risk insights are delivered in real time, providing a joyful experience for your customers, agents, brokers, and underwriters.

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